Development of Ultra-small Tapered Roller Bearing

Development of Ultra-small
Tapered Roller Bearing

  • Customer outlineRobot and reduction gear manufacturers
  • ProductReduction gear
  • Problems

    • With the size reduction of robots, we want to reduce the size of robot wrists.
    • We want the robots to be able to hold heavier objects.
    • While we want to use tapered roller bearings, which can take a heavy weight, for the wrist parts, conventional products are too big and aren’t suited for size reduction of the wrist. Ball bearings, though, do not have enough rigidity.
  • Solutions and Results

    • Miniaturizing tapered roller bearings
    • Fundamental review of the production process including the conveyance method
    • Developing dedicated jigs for raceway polishing
    • Using resin cages
  • Extreme size reduction of tapered roller bearings
    (new outside diameter of 26 mm, assembled bearing width of 8 mm, and weight of 18 g)
  • 50% narrowed width, 60% lighter weight
  • Maintained the same level of rigidity as the smallest conventional products through the use of resin cages
    (or, around 3 times higher rigidity than a deep groove ball bearing with the same size!)

With recent years seeing a growing demand for down-sizing of industrial products, tapered roller bearings also increasingly need to be down-sized. In this case, we were able to achieve down-sizing by fundamental review of production process, including conveyance method.

We achieved a massive miniaturization over previous products (50% slimmer, 60% lighter) by improving our development processes including transportation and polishing methods. With the development of the present product, we have allowed our customers to enjoy the same high level of rigidity with a smaller and lighter bearing.

Tapered Roller Bearing

Tapered Roller Bearing

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