Product8Spherical Roller Bearings

The spherical roller bearing has a high load rating and self-aligning ability, therefore it is suitable for applications at low/medium speed which involve heavy load and impact.

Product list
Asymmetrical rollers
Symmetrical rollers
Taper bore
K or K30
23900R / 23000R(RZ,RHA) / 23100R(RZ,RHA) / 22200R(RZ,RHA) / 21300R(RH) / 24000R(RZ,RHA) /
24100R(RZ,RHA) / 23200R(RZ,RHA) / 22300R(RZ,RHA)
Spherical Roller Bearings
With adapter
With withdrawal sleeves
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Spherical roller thrust bearing

This bearing comprises of barrel-shaped convex rollers arranged diagonally. Due to the raceway of its housing raceway washer being spherical, this bearing is self-aligning and can allow a certain degree of angle tilt.

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