Railroad Cars
Koyo bearing technology supporting train safety

Railway cars need to be high speed and safe, as well as comfortable, therefore the bearings used in this field are required to offer sophisticated technology.
JTEKT offers bearings for various parts, with a focus on the railway car axle, drive unit and main motor, which support the foundation of safe and reassuring railway travel.

Product list
Bearings for railway axles

Railway axle bearings are subjected to heavy impacts and loads. The installation space is also limited, therefore double-row bearings which are compact and have a high load rating are used in many cases. Moreover, in bearings used for grease lubrication, we offer a bearing unit which is pre-filled with grease and combined with an oil seal to make handling easier.

Main motor bearings preventing electric corrosion
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The bearing used for the main motor of railway cars is susceptible to internal electric current, which may cause failures.
Resin, which is an insulating material, and ceramic coating are adopted to realize maintenance-free characteristics over an extended period of time.

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