Steel Production Equipment
Accomplishing precise movements and high-speed rotation even under heavy loads and at ultra-high temperatures

A high proportion of steel production equipment use Koyo bearings. We have products with specifications suitable for use in harsh environments, such as heavy load and high-temperature and can therefore be applied to roll supports of continuous casting machines, roll supports of rolling mills, driveshafts, etc.

Product list
Rolling mills
Bearing for roll necks of rolling mills

Bearings used in roll necks must be capable of performing even in severe environments such as heavy load and high-speed rotation. JTEKT has adopted a newly developed hardened steel for bearings, thus drastically improving the rolling fatigue life, toughness and corrosion-resistance compared to conventional models. JTEKT also offers a premium model which has had fatigue life and corrosion-resistance enhanced even further through a special heat treatment process.

Driveshafts for driving rolling mill rolls
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Driveshafts for driving the rolls of rolling mills must be able to withstand harsh environments such as ultra-heavy load (torque and high-speed rotation. JTEKT has developed the D.U.T Series for use in ultra-heavy load applications.

Bearing for backup rolls of multi-stage rolling mills
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The outer diameter of bearings for multi-stage backup rolls makes direct contact with the intermediate roll and rotates while bearing the rolling force. For this reason, the outer ring of the bearing must have sufficient rigidity, resistance against fatigue and high accuracy. JTEKT has developed a bearing with high rigidity and long life by adopting its independently developed steel and cored hardening method. Furthermore, a premium model is also available for oil-mist lubrication which has extended service life by adopting hardened steel on the inner ring and a fluororubber oil seal.

Continuous casting machines
Bearing for supporting the roll of continuous casting machines

A self-aligning bearing is used as the roll support bearing of continuous casting machines to ensure that heavy loads can be supported. JTEKT also offers cylindrical roller bearings with a self-aligning ring that can absorb axial travel smoothly to support thermal extension of the roll due to high temperatures.
For the mallet-shaped portion of the drive roll, JTEKT has a lineup of half-ring bearing box units with separable inner ring and outer ring that realize a compact sealed structure and high load capacity due to positioning of an oil seal on the inner ring.

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