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Quality that achieves stable operation of medical equipment, for which breakdowns are unforgivable

With aging population becoming an issue around the globe, there is much expectation for the medical equipment market to constantly expand, in both advanced nations and emerging nations. Medical equipment such as MRI and CT scanners are indispensable to state-of-the-art medicinal services and JTEKT's products are being utilized here.

Product list
Bearing unit for CT scanner X-ray tubes
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The bearing unit adopted for the rotary anode X-ray tube of CT scanners is used in a vacuum and at high temperatures therefore has a lubricant made from soft metal, such as silver.

Bearings for MRI ultrasonic motors

A ceramic bearing not affected by magnetic fields is used for the motor used in the magnetic resonance imaging apparatus (MRI).

Slewing rim bearing for CT scanners

Bearings are used in the rotary part of a CT scanner that supports rotation of the main scanner body, which houses the cross-section image-capturing device. JTEKT's slewing rim bearing adopts ceramic balls and a special cage to suppress electric corrosion and offers improved high-speed rotation as well as to quietness to help ease the mental burden on patients.

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