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A wide variety of high-performance bearings enhancing the quality of familiar products

Bearings are used in photocopiers and printers. They are even used in color printers, which demand high accuracy. Furthermore, bearings are used in the motors of various equipment which influence our daily lives, from general industrial machinery to home appliances (air conditioning, washing machine, etc.) and vehicles (drive, electronic components). In the same way, bearings that support motor shafts come in various types and were originally required to be quiet but now more importance is being placed on low energy loss.

Product list
Office equipment (photocopiers, printers)
Bearings for photocopying machines

If the fixing unit of a photocopier becomes electrified, the image being copied can become distorted, therefore the bearings used here are able to conduct electricity as high temperatures and remove static electricity.

Electric motors and motors

Motors used in the office or home use bearings which are low noise and maintenance-free.

Bearings for Road Bike Wheels
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Developing special ceramic bearing for road bike.
Featuring significantly lower torque than existing bearings for road bikes, ONI BEARINGs make pedaling lighter while maintaining wheel speed, and rely upon basic bearing technology to achieve high durability and long service life.

Small one-way clutch for fishing gear
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Small one-way clutches are adopted in fishing reels to prevent the line from spinning back in the opposite direction when it is being reeled in.

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80% less uneven rotation! (compared with a planetary gear)
A precision reduction gear adopting Koyo bearing technology
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