Drive line

Applying Our Core Technologies Focused on Size and Weight Reduction, and Hydraulic and Electronic Control Technologies

The driving force generated at the engine is transmitted to four tires with this mechanism.
The driving force must be distributed to four tires according to the terrain and traveling state to realize low fuel consumption and stable travel.
JTEKT applies multiple core technologies while centering on the bearing technologies and hydraulic/electronic control technologies, so that we have products boasting the top share.



The drive line maintains the vehicle speed and transmits the driving force even when the axle or tire is placed at an odd angle.

Propeller shaft

Engine rotation is transmitted to the differential.

Torsen LSD (Limited Slip Differential)

The driving force transmitted from the propeller shaft is redirected 90 degrees and distributed between left and right axles according to the terrain and traveling circumstances.

"TORSEN" is a registered trademark of JTEKT.


Installed in an FF vehicle, it distributes the driving force to the front and rear axles.

"ITCC" is a registered trademark of JTEKT.

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