Pursuing better fuel efficiency, weight reduction and size reduction

The transmission is a unit that transmits drive force from the engine to the driveshaft, etc.
Generally, transmissions consist of a torque converter, gear mechanism to change speed and direction (forward and backwards), and a hydraulic or electronic control unit to control the gear mechanism. JTEKT provides various bearings and oil seals to suit the specific features of individual drivetrains.
In recent years, a demand has emerged to respond to global needs, including extremely cold regions, and achieve better fuel efficiency, weight and size reduction assuming use in the ultra-low temperature of minus 40°C.

Product list
Thrust Needle Roller Bearings
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Bearing used inside the transmission; long life even under high-speed operation is needed.
A small torque is realized through reduction of friction resistance at high-speed operation between components of the bearing.

Needle roller bearing for planetary gear
Related product types:

This bearing is used in automatic transmission mechanisms and CVT forward/backwards switching mechanisms used in planetary gear mechanisms. While a large centrifugal force is generated in the planetary gear during high-speed operation, extended service life and small torque are realized through adoption of a special heat treatment shaft, a high-strength cage and rollers.

Low friction-torque 3rd-generation (LFT-III) tapered roller bearing
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Torque loss is substantially reduced through reduction of the lubricant agitation resistance and optimization of bearing characteristics.

Oil Seals
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Various oil seals are used in the driveline to assist smooth bearing operation.

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