Pursuing better fuel efficiency, weight reduction and size reduction

Each component of an engine has different operating environments and performance requirements. In the same way, bearings are also required to have many features, including vibration-resistance, high-speed rotation, high-temperature resistance and high-environmental resistance. JTEKT provides a wide variety of bearings developed leveraging technologies accumulated hand-in-hand with advancements in the automotive industry.
In recent years, a demand has emerged to respond to global needs, including extremely cold regions, and achieve better fuel efficiency, weight and size reduction assuming use in the ultra-low temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius.

Product list
Bearings for rocker arms
Related product types:

Used as a mechanism to transmit the camshaft motion to the intake/exhaust valve.
The fatigue strength of the transfer surface is improved through special surface treatment to minimize damage to counterpart components.

Bearing for variable valve mechanisms
Related product types:

Used in the variable valve mechanism for realizing efficient suction and exhaust flows.

Bearing for balance shafts
Related product types:

The balance shaft used in a poor lubrication environment is supported with a small amount of torque in order to improve the reliability of balance shaft movement.

Idler pulley
Related product types:

The idler pulley is used for layout of auxiliary machine belts and tension adjustment.
It can adapt to road conditions and severe weather conditions, and offers the features of high-speed rotation, high heat-resistance and water resistance.

Water pump bearings
Related product types:

These bearings require high sealing performance due to being used inside water pumps.
A highly reliable air tight seal is adopted, which substantially improves sealing performance and achieving a long service life.

Bearing for alternators
Related product types:

A long service life in high-temperature, high-speed rotation environments is demanded of bearings used in alternators.
Grease with improved vibration resistance was developed and adopted to realize a long service life.

Alternator pulleys with one-way clutches
Related product types:

While the belts of auxiliary machines are susceptible to slip and flutter due to variation in the engine speed, an alternator pulley with a built-in one-way clutch can suppress belt flutter.

Bearing for compressor pulleys
Related product types:

Used in the part supporting rotation of the compressor pulley of the air conditioner.
Offers water resistance under severe water splashes and low-torque performance.

Thrust bearing for compressors
Related product types:

The bearings in the compression mechanism of compressors are submerged in refrigerant. As such, the bearings need to operate in diluted lubrication. JTEKT, however, has developed highly durable, low-torque bearings capable of operating in diluted lubrication as a result of improvements to design specifications.

Bearings for turbochargers
Related product types:

Bearings adopting an ultra-long-life ceramic ball bearing with excellent ultra high-speed, high-temperature and resistance to foreign matter. With ceramic balls and a heat-resistant raceway and retainer, both high-temperature resistance and high-speed characteristics are realized.

Oil Seals
Related product types:

Various oil seals are used in the engine and peripheral components to assist smooth bearing operation.

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