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JTEKT responds to
customer demand
in a manner befitting
a world-leading
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JTEKT, as a total supplier of automobile components and systems,
is making various efforts to provide many products to our customers.

Iga Proving Ground
Enables Testing /
Evaluations Simulating Roads Worldwide

Fully utilizing our knowledge as a world-leading systems supplier, JTEKT conducts driving evaluations and analyses of products installed in vehicles.
We exhaustively pursue the highest standards in product safety and operation on a test course capable of simulating various road and weather conditions around the world.
As a total systems supplier, our highest value is to provide our customers with products that deliver outstanding performance and the best quality that help to make automobiles that are more than just fun to drive.

1 Main Track

The main track, the most distinctive course at this proving ground, is a combination of winding and straight courses that enable full circuit-like laps to be driven.
The straight is 1.0km-long including acceleration/deceleration zones and was designed for evaluations at up to 120km/h in a straight 400m evaluation zone after accelerating from the west parking area.
The leftmost lane features high-tech paving for excellent Water drainage and lane-departure warning rumble strips (raised sections on the road surface), enabling evaluations of noise and the electronic control system.
The winding course features numerous corners and is designed as an uneven course that enables the evaluation of vehicle front/rear load shifting to be factored into test conditions.
Its main application is testing that evaluates overall vehicle motion.

2 Dynamics Pad

The dynamics pad is an area used to analyze forces acting on the vehicle. Positioned in the center of the main track, it is designed as a spacious area, roughly the same size as Tokyo Dome. Its main application is tests that require versatility in implementation, such as turning in circles and slalom driving. In addition, using the acceleration zone that branches off from the straight, it is possible to test vehicle behavior close to the limits of vehicle performance.
Also, low μ surface simulating compacted snow or icy road conditions enables driving evaluation on slippery road conditions.

3 Noise Evaluation Course

The noise evaluation course features various special courses including a 150m-long stone-block paved course and wave, rope, cobblestone, rumble-strip and cracked-surface courses. These special courses produce large differences in the size and frequency of input from the road surface. Accordingly, they are mainly utilized to check noise generation when vehicles receive road-surface input derived from different conditions.
Given the recent advances realizing extremely quiet vehicle interiors, a wide array of special roads have been incorporated to ensure that manufacturers can take measures to secure adequate sound quality.

4 Administration/
Maintenance Building

The entire proving ground is managed from this building using surveillance cameras and other equipment to ensure all vehicle testing is conducted safely and efficiently.
Facilities allow servicing of up to five vehicles simultaneously including facilities for pre-test servicing of test vehicles and measurement checks. Eco-conscious measures have also been taken, such as the use of LED lighting, the installation of solar panels on all roof surfaces and the wide use of thermal-insulation materials.

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Establishment of Global Technical Support
at Our
Sites Around the World

JTEKT has its headquarters in Japan and Technical Centers around the world, with four in Europe, three in North America, one in South America, and two in China/ASEAN.
This allows us to respond to queries from customers all over the world in a speedy fashion and provide high-quality technical support.
In addition to these, we also always provide safe products in a speedy fashion to our customers around the world through our sales agents in various countries.

Technical centers located around the world ensure
quick response and technical support for customers' needs.

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Problems or Requests Relating to Car
Repair Products

At JTEKT, we support our customers when they have problems regarding the purchase of car repair products or specification considerations.
Feel free to let JTEKT know about your problems and requests,
whether it’s how to deal with breakdowns or other troubles, or switching over from another company’s product.

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