General instructions

Since rolling bearings are more precisely made than other machine parts, careful handling is absolutely necessary.

  1. Keep bearings and the operating environment clean.
  2. Handle carefully.
    Bearings can be cracked and brinelled easily by strong impact if handled roughly.
  3. Handle using the proper tools.
  4. Keep bearings well protected from rust.
    Do not handle bearings in high humidity.
    Operators should wear gloves in order not to soil bearings with perspiration from their hands.
  5. Bearings should be handled by experienced or well trained operators.
  6. Set bearing operation standards and follow them.
    • Storage of bearings
    • Cleaning of bearings and their adjoining parts.
    • Inspection of dimensions of adjoining parts and finish conditions
    • Mounting
    • Inspection after mounting
    • Dismounting
    • Maintenance and inspection (periodical inspection)
    • Replenishment of lubricants
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