Boundary dimensions

Bearing boundary dimensions are dimensions required for bearing installation with shaft or housing, and as described in Fig. 6-1 Bearing boundary dimensions, include the bore diameter, outside diameter, width, height, and chamfer dimension.
These dimensions are standardized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 15). JIS B 1512 "rolling bearing boundary dimensions" is based on ISO.
These boundary dimensions are provided, classified into radial bearings (tapered roller bearings are provided in other tables) and thrust bearings.
Boundary dimensions of each bearing are listed in Appendixes at the back of this catalog.

In these boundary dimension tables, the outside diameter, width, height, and chamfer dimensions related to bearing bore diameter numbers and bore diameters are listed in diameter series and dimension series.

1) Diameter series is a series of nominal bearing outside diameters provided for respective ranges of bearing bore diameter; and, a dimension series includes width and height as well as diameters.
2) Tapered roller bearing boundary dimensions listed in the Appendixes are adapted to conventional dimension series (widths and diameters). Tapered roller bearing boundary dimensions provided in JIS B 1512-2000 are new dimension series based on ISO 355 (ref. descriptions before the bearing specification table); for reference, the bearing specification table covers numeric codes used in these dimension series.

Cross-section dimensions of radial bearings and thrust bearings expressed in dimension series can be compared using Figs. 6-2 Radial bearing dimension series diagram (diameter series 7 omitted) and 6-3 Thrust bearing dimension series diagram (diameter series 5 omitted).

In this way, many dimension series are provided; however, not all dimensions are practically adapted.
Some of them were merely prescribed, given expected future use.

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